Favourite Beers:

Beatnikz Republic- Weizenart Wheat Beer
"A firm fan favourite! I’ve yet to meet someone on our craft beer tours who doesn’t like this wheat beer. Perfect for a Summer’s day and a great first beer on the tour."

Seven Bro7hers- Sling It Out Stout
" I mean, Coco Pops in a beer?! COCO POPS IN A BEER? Imagine drinking the milk at the end of a bowl of Coco Pops… then add beer. What’s not to love. My favourite stout on the tour. "

Marble Beers- Grand Petite, Little Big IPA
" My number 1 favourite cask beer! All my tours end with a well-deserved pint of Grand Petite on cask (if Marble has any left that is!). An illusive beer which never fails to live up to the Marble name. Always ask if they have this beer on in any Marble pub. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed"



Favourite Beers:

Se7en Brothers- Watermelon Wheat Beer
" Delightfully refreshing whilst running a beer tour on a hot day. The thing about being a beer tour guide is that you simply have to drink as much beer as possible in order to immerse yourself in the profession. I don’t want to drink this delicious, refreshing Watermelon Wheatbeer, but I have to in order to run an excellent service. Well, something like that anyway. "

Runaway Brewery- American Brown Ale
" If the Watermelon Wheatbeer is my summer tipple then the American Brown Ale is the perfect accompaniment to when the weather starts to turn in the autumn and then into winter. Picture a log cabin with a romantic fireplace setting after a day out in the cold chopping firewood, all alongside the one you love…in my case this American Brown Ale. Heart-warming. "

Beatnikz Republic- Beach Bum
" And we’re back to summer again. It’s a tour favourite that sets the day up for catching some delightful Manchester rays as we wander around the city. Rain in Manchester? No chance mate, have this sunshine in a glass. "



Favourite Beers:

Marble Beers- Manchester Bitter
"Cracking traditional bitter that slides down the gullet with ease. Evocative of old tobacco stained boozers, dimpled pint pots, and fat blokes playing darts"

Runaway Brewery & Craft Beer Tour Manchester- Lee & Fred's Juicy Session IPA
"Be rude not to! Who can organise a piss up in a brewery? Fred and Lee. That's who."

Beatnikz Republic- Beach Bum
" Sessionable American Pale Ale with fruity notes that leave you desiring long hot summer nights. Tell me more, tell me more. Was it love at first sight? Yes, yes it was."

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